Short Biography

Caio Licciardi

With research focusing at the fundamental questions of the Universe, I joined the McDonald Institute for Astroparticle Physics as a faculty member at Laurentian University in September 2017. Since 2005, my attention has been particularly devoted to neutrino physics. I hold both B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees from Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil, with a theoretical-oriented thesis on aspects of neutrino oscillations. I am also an Ingénieur de l’Ecole Polytechnique, France, with a master degree. In my Ph.D. at the University of Regina, I contributed to the T2K experiment within the near detector group, including testing (in TRIUMF)  and commissioning (J-PARC, Japan) of the fine-grained detectors. In 2012, I took part in the quest for Majorana neutrino masses with the Enriched Xenon Observatory as a Research Associate at Carleton University. I am currently the analysis coordinator of the EXO-200 detector, and have been helping to understand the sensitivity reach to neutrinoless double beta decay by the next-generation experiment nEXO.